Special yellow cheeses

Our assortment of special yellow cheeses is breathtaking – we have developed special recipes for yellow cheeses such as those with cranberries, with green and red spices and herbs – basil, peppermint, savoury, thyme, oregano, fenugreek, olives, chestnuts, and red peppers. The cranberries and a large part of the herbs come from the mountains, and some of them are grown by the local women. Furthermore, we produce ‘Zelanos’ yellow cheese which is left to ripen for 180 days in a cask of red wine; ‘Fringe’ – fresh hand-stringed yellow cheese; ‘Smoked’ – produced in all-natural smoking process with smoke from beech sawdust; ‘Figures’ – handmade with lots of love.

Yellow cheese with herbs – 0.220 kg

Yellow cheese with herbs, spicy – 0.220 kg

Yellow cheese with olives – 0.220 kg

Yellow cheese with blueberries – 0.220 kg

Yellow cheese with chestnuts – 0.220 kg

Smoked yellow cheese – 0.220 kg

Spicey and smoked yellow cheese – 0.220 kg

'Kosichka' yellow cheese - 0.190 kg / 0.350 kg

‘Zelanos’ yellow cheese – 0.100 kg

Smoked yellow cheese - braided – 0.190kg

Yellow cheese figures