The dairy farm in the village of Ravnogor was built in 1927. The successor of the old dairy farm was the milk processing factory owned by Ravnogor Ltd, producing dairy products, such as yellow cheese, white cheese, butter, cottage cheese, smoked and processed cheese from fresh mountain milk. In 2009 the factory was recognized as compliant with the EU requirements for food production. It is the milk processing factory at the highest altitude in Bulgaria, 1,330 m in the Rhodope Mountains. According to the latest air pollution map published by NASA, the village of Ravnogor is the region with the cleanest air in Europe. This provides it with the perfect circumstances for producing ecologically pure products.

Milk and Dairy Specialist Prof. Young, from Scotland, explored the natural resources for milk production and processing in this region and concluded that ‘Cows here do not graze on grass, but on herbs. Your products are not food, they are medicine”. If you visit the dairy farm owned by Ravnogor Ltd and the surrounding regions, and taste our products, you will most certainly agree with him.

Every day fresh milk is supplied to the Ravnogor Dairy from the area of Batak Ridge in the Rhodope Mountains. Cows there graze on lush, herb-strewn pastures all day long. Raw milk is TRANSPORTED to the dairy farm in thermally insulated tanks! Upon delivery to the factory, the milk is tested and analyzed to confirm all parameters, and is then either approved or rejected.

‘Our love for milk makes us write these lines. We would like to share with you this love that we have for it, so that you too can enjoy our white and yellow cheeses in the way we do.’

Traditions in the production of dairy products since 1927

Ecologically pure products produced at altitude of 1,330 m